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Want to wear your mum’s Wedding Dress?

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Want to wear your mum’s Wedding Dress?

Maybe you’ve never considered wearing your mum’s wedding dress, or maybe she’s floated the idea and you’ve cringed at the mental image of Eighties-style puffy sleeves and over-the-top ruffles. Well, we’re here to tell you that wearing your mum’s wedding dress is not only a viable option, but a fantastic choice at that. Firstly, it brings an element of family tradition and history to your big day. Secondly, it will save you countless stressful trips to bridal shops in search of the perfect gown. Plus, with a little alteration and personalisation, you really can transform a vintage frock into a sensational and totally one-of-a-kind look. If you don’t believe us, read below – our step-by-step guide for wearing your mum’s wedding dress:

1. Ask permission

Talk to your mum about how much she’s willing to see her old wedding dress transform. If you’re going to bring it into the modern era, chances are some alterations will have to be made. Check that she’s okay with that before going into redesign overdrive.

2. Bring your mum’s wedding dress back to life

If your mum rocked this dress down the aisle before you were even a twinkle in her eye, it has probably been stored away for quite some time. Before you do anything else, have it professionally cleaned and steamed to eliminate wrinkles and discolouration. Make sure you take it to a professional cleaner who knows they are dealing with delicate, vintage fabrics.

3. Get it fitted

Take the dress to a skilled seamstress who knows how to handle precious items. Have them do a professional fitting, making any width and length adjustments needed. We have a few experts in mind (*hint hint*)!

4. Consider the neckline

Often, the thing that dates a dress most is its neckline. Not into that high neck? An experienced seamstress should be able to transform it in a way that flatters you and reflects your personal style.

5. Check the details

Have your seamstress adjust embellishments and other elements that may not have held up over time. Sequins not your thing? These can be removed or replaced with more stylish appliqués. Too many frills for your taste? Ask your seamstress if they can remove excess fabric to make the dress more streamlined and modern.

If you aren’t keen on wearing your mum’s wedding dress in its entirety, there are plenty of other ways to honour her by incorporating it into your wedding day. Why not use a piece of the dress fabric to create a bouquet wrap or a ring pillow? Or how about repurposing the lace from her gown into a veil or hair accessory? The possibilities are endless!

Whatever route you decide to take, it’s definitely worth considering saying ‘I do’ to your mum’s wedding dress. It just might be the perfect beginning to your happily ever after.