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Gabriela Martinez

Gabriela is an award winning fashion designer with more than 20 years of experience in wedding gowns, evening wear and special ocasion, expert restyling of vintage wedding gowns. Skilled pattern and sample making for designers.

She specializes in custom designed fashions. She provides professional services: clothing product development, clothing design, haute couture dress making, expert alterations, professional fashion shows, wardrobe/costume styles, restyling of vintage garments and furs, offers custom garments. Gabriela Designs is not just a place where we can design, sew or alter a garment, it is the place where a piece of fabric becomes something beautiful and amazing.

Beguiled with fashion at the young age of 8, the award-winning Latina Fashion Designer breathes a new and unique inventiveness and pure elegance into her alluring, sophisticated collection of eveningwear. Since her arrival in Denver in 2003, she has infused a fresh spirit into the Denver fashion scene, quickly carving her own niche.

Born in Los Angeles in 1974, one of five sisters, she began creating doll clothes and then one-of-a-kind ward-robes for family and friends. At age 17 she began her formal education at the Universidad Regional del Norte in Chihuahua, Mexico where her family had relocated. She received her Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design and opened her first modest atelier at age 22, importing fabrics from NY and CA to Mexico, for her growing client base. 2015 Best customer designer in the participation in the Silver moon light MACABRE Fair Film Festiva, 2013 Denver Fashion Designer of the year by RAW (Indie Arts Awards). 2011 Denver Rising Fashion Star Category evening wear and special occasion. by (FGI) 2010 FACE(Fashion and creative entrepreneur) Best special occasion designer. 2010 Denver Fashion Festival 1st place Best designer.