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How To Repair A Zip

How To Repair A Zip

How To Repair A Zip

Burst, split or faulty zips can make a perfect garment useless. Follow our handy list of problems and solutions for how to repair a zip.Our great fitting trousers, dresses, blouses, or anything else with a zip for that matter, are our go-to garments. However, with clothing items such as these, there’s always going to be the risk of a broken or faulty zip. When this happens, it instantly makes an outfit unwearable. It can be frustrating, but it’s not the end of the world. We’ve put together some rules to follow for how to repair a zip, ensuring that your most loved items are back in the wardrobe in no time. Small clothing alterations can make all the difference to your prized garments.

The first thing we need to consider is identifying the problem. Your problem may be an easy fix or may require a little expert attention. You may find the zip on your garment has one of the following issues:

  • Your zip will not pull up or down. The teeth of the zip, which are the parts that interlock to hold a garment together, seem to be getting jammed too often.
  • Your zip will not stay closed and will release with little or no effort.
  • The zip itself has burst at the seams and is no longer attached to the garment.
  • There is something stuck in the zip itself.
  • The zip head has been removed completely, leaving your garment open.

These problems, no matter how inconvenient they may seem, are quite common. The best fixes for these issues can vary but knowing how to recognise a problem and the best solution is essential to saving a garment. Some solutions may be a complete zip replacement, replacing a zipper head or simply reattaching the zip together, ensuring you eliminate the problem at hand and prevent it from occurring in future. However, if you’re wondering how to repair a zip for a specific problem in more detail, we’ve got you covered. Here are some common problems and effective solutions.

The teeth don’t line up!

If one side of your zip appears longer than the other, or you try to fasten your zip and find that the teeth don’t line up as they should, you have every right to feel frustrated! However, there is actually a pretty simple fix to the problem. All you need is a pair of pliers and a bit of sewing knowledge.

At the bottom of a zip, you’ll notice a small square of metal. You’ll firstly need to remove this with pliers. Next, you’ll need to line up your zip back to how it was before. Sew the square back in place, and your zip should pull with no problems.

The zip releases too easily, or without any pressure being applied.

There’s nothing worse than a pair of jeans with a zip that just does not want to stay up. However, there is actually a simple solution to this problem. The head of the zip usually has a locking mechanism. To stop it from sliding down, make sure you’re pulling your zip tight enough to activate the ‘lock’. You should hear a small clicking sound; this is when you know you’ve secured it in place. The only way your zip should release now is if you force the mechanism to release by pulling on it.

The teeth separate after the zip being pulled up.

You pull up a zip as you normally would, only to find that the teeth seem to be repelling one another. Again, a frustrating problem, but one that is still solvable. More than likely, this problem is due to the zip head being faulty, so fixing this is your best option.

To do this, you need to use pliers to close the gaps in the zip head that have been slowly opened due to excess use. Be careful not to do this too tightly; you don’t want to prevent the zip from working completely! When the head has been tightened, the zip should pull correctly, joining the teeth together.

A broken zip pull.

An easy fix if you don’t mind a mismatched zip. Simply use an alternative item for a zip pull. On the zip head, there will be a hole where you can attach a metal ring or wire to make it easier to close. The pull isn’t essential for a zip to work, but it does make it a lot more convenient.

Completely replacing a zip.

A full zip replacement is not the simplest of tasks, but it’s sometimes the only option to save your item; a last resort. If any teeth are missing from the middle of a zip or if there are any bigger problems, you’ll need a complete replacement.

The first thing to do is measure your current zip length and purchase a new one to the exact measurements. Remove the stitching around the current zip and position the new one in place. You should then sew the new one securely, ensuring you perfect one side first before attempting the second. A zip replacement isn’t the simplest or easiest of tasks for a beginner, so we’re more than happy to take the hassle away at Gabriela Couture.

Some helpful tips to keep your zips working for longer!

–        – Close zips before you put your clothes into the washing machine.

–        – Don’t force a zip – if something is stuck, remove it before pulling.

–        – Keep them clean to avoid any unwanted material or fluff getting stuck in the teeth.

Still unsure about how to repair a zip? Talk to our experts.

If you’re not comfortable with any of these methods of zip repair or you still feel a little unsure about the process, we can help.

Our expert tailors at Gabriela Couture can give helpful advice on how to repair a zip or amend your garments. The team specialise in everything from suit alterations to dress and bridal amendments, meaning we know a thing or two about precision tasks!

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